Nueva Terrain began its journey in the 60s with the ambitious objective of becoming a reference in quality, innovation and technological development. In that decade, plastic piping systems were new and beginning the manufacturing and commercialisation of a drainage system made from PVC-U was a big challenge.

In the 80s, Nueva Terrain made another commitment to innovation and began producing piping and fittings in Polybutylene for plumbing and heating. In a market monopolised by metal materials, such as copper and steel, little by little they managed to introduce a plastic system, finally showcasing the enormous advantages of a technical material like PB.

The development of innovative, top-quality products is still what drives Nueva Terrain. Some recent examples of just this are: the Push-Fit joint system in diameters of 40 and 50 mm, the double electrofusion-butt fusion system on large diameters, multilayer piping (with oxygen barrier) in Polybutylene and the soundproof systems for drainage.

Nueva Terrain Nueva Terrain has always had a spirit of continuous innovation and development throughout its history. It has invested in order to obtain the knowledge which it has subsequently applied to its products during its trajectory in the market. Proof of this can be seen in its facilities, where future contributions to the market are developed and researched.


Our laboratory, located in Vitoria, is the testing, control and innovation centre. It was created in the 90s and its objectives are:

  • To test and verify the quality of the materials and their behaviour in different conditions.
  • To monitor the quality: of the raw material, of the productive process and the final product.
  • To ensure compliance with the current standards in terms of its products and its different joining systems.


Nueva Terrain has its own mechanical workshop located on the Jundiz industrial estate where it carries out the design, construction and maintenance of its own injection moulds, of which it currently has over 500.

The direct contact of this workshop with the commercial network, the laboratory and the factories allow particularly fast response time for:

  • The adaptation of its systems to the new regulations.
  • The creation of new references according to the demands of clients and/or markets.
  • The elaboration of new product lines according to market requirements.

The large number of tests that we carry out has enabled us to offer products of the highest quality to the national and international market for over 50 years. One example of just this is the thermal cycle test, in constant operation in order to certify our systems and our joints.

The experience acquired and the quality of our facilities means that we are, occasionally, the recipients of external tests that other laboratories are unable to implement.

The continuous monitoring of raw materials and the productive process, together with the quality tests and compliance with certificates and standards, make Nueva Terrain a reference in the sector.

Nueva Terrain, which began with one factory in Vitoria on the Betoño industrial estate in the 60s, today has 3 production centres in Spain where all of its pipes and fittings, both those in Polybutylene and those in PVC-U, are manufactured.


Centre located on the Jundiz industrial estate, Vitoria. Here, the whole Polybutylene product range is manufactured, both piping and fittings, with diameters from 15mm to 160mm.

It has injectors, extruders, automatic assembly machines, winders, etc …, ultimately, a large automated machine fleet in order to meet the growing demand for our product.

The Nueva Terrain central laboratory is in the vicinity of the factory, allowing streamlined contact between the production and quality departments.


Centre located in Tordesillas, Valladolid. Here, PVC-U has been manufactured since 1975, with the experience and reliability that this entails.

The large automated machine fleet here enables the production the whole Nueva Terrain PVC-U range, both piping and fittings, with diameters from 32 mm hasta 400 mm.

The centre has its own laboratory where experienced personnel carry out the necessary product tests in order to ensure the required quality.


Centre located in Andujar, Jaén. This centre began its journey in the 80s and has specialised in the machining of our range’s brass metal fittings (threaded conversion parts, taps, etc.). It is, in turn, able to nickel-plate said parts, with the aim of offering a finish and level of corrosion resistance which is quite exceptional.

The centre in Andujar is also in charge of offering the PVC-U prefabrications service, which means that made-to-measure parts can be produced to meet the specific needs of our customers.

  • The best Pre and Post Sales service: assistance during the project, execution and completion by IN SITU personnel.
  • 20 of our own warehouses which are available to you, as well as a network of exclusive distributors.
  • A commercial network with over 50 commercial-technical professionals at your service.
  • Seminars, talks, demos and assistance at both national and international fairs.

Nueva Terrain in its constant quest for excellence offers, as well as its product, different support services to installers, engineers, architects and builders.

We place at your disposal a technical support and collaboration department for your projects, which designs and provides the building solutions which are best suited to your studies.

With our own calculation programmes, based on the CTE and current standards, and our own price management programme, we size up and evaluate the different installation solutions required.

We also have our own library of our products in BIM format, with the maximum development level (LOI4), as well as in CAD to facilitate the development of projects.


For years, Nueva Terrain has focussed on showing the plastic systems and their application on the market to different professionals from the construction sector.

For this reason, it offers the possibility to visit its main headquarters, where you can see the manufacturing process, the mechanical workshop for moulds, alongside the presentation of the whole range of its products, as well as the laboratory with the different quality tests.


Nueva Terrain has supported training ever since it began:

  • For this purpose, it has a building dedicated to training and conferences on our product and its applications in its central facilities.
  • Equally, Nueva Terrain provides technical training both in its commercial offices and in universities, professional associations, etc.