+ than 50 years of quality
+ than 50 years of continuous development
+ than 50 years on the market
+ than 50 years of durability in our products

  • Numerous national and international certificates which accredit the quality of our pipes, fittings and joint systems.
  • Customised Safety guarantee for each piece of work.
Internal demands
  • Control in the reception of raw material.
  • Verification of parameters during the process.
  • Examination of product by machine.
  • End product testing.
Extreme Conditions
  • Installations both in Antarctica (-20ºC) and in the desert (+50ºC).
  • DNV certification for the use of our material on boats.

Pioneers in the elaboration of the first quality standards for both PVC and PB.

  • We focus on the best raw material for each application.
  • Continually expanding range with over 3,000 references.


Continuous quality control

Nueva Terrain has two laboratories in its facilities where all of the tests, controls and verifications required in order to assure the quality of the end product and offer reliable and durable systems to the market are carried out.

The implemented quality system controls the process from the reception of the raw material to the delivery of the end product to the client, thus ensuring that all of the phases of the different intermediary processes are carried out correctly in order to obtain a top-quality product.

The laboratories are equipped with the necessary instrumentation to carry out all of the tests required by the product’s standards. Plastometers, furnaces, Vicat devices, dichloromethane baths, traction machines, pressure stations, are a few of the pieces of equipment available.

As well as the technical means, we have a human team with vast product experience and knowledge, which is fundamental when detecting possible deviations or suggesting improvements in design and performance.


The first thing to take into account when any product is manufactured is to ensure that the dimensions obtained match the design requirements and comply with the product's regulations. This is fundamental to ensure compatibility and offer a system wich is coherent, mechanically speaking.

There is three-dimensional coordinate measurement machinery to evaluate the finished product in a reliable manner wich measures both the fitting and the piping in otder to give the go-ahead to the production batches.

Thermal cycle test

The Nueva Terrain central laboratory is able to carry out the thermal cycle test, possibly the most demanding of its kind in terms of joining systems. It’s a dynamic test in which the pressure and temperature conditions change constantly with the aim of testing the joints to the limit and subsequently ensuring that they operate correctly in working conditions.

It’s the test that requires the most effort to carry out: it implies the operation of a complex system of pumps, solenoid valves, coolers, etc, over the space of several months, monitoring the pressure and temperature parameters on a daily basis.

Internal pressure tests

The most habitual tests in order to verify the resistance of the pipes and fittings manufactured are the internal pressure tests. These allow us to verify that the requirements set by the product’s standards are met and to validate production.

They are carried out with cold water at 20ºC and hot water at 95ºC, using the pressures and times stipulated by the regulations.

The Nueva Terrain central laboratory has several temperature and pressure control baths which allow us to carry out this type of test on a daily basis.


The central laboratory has furnaces for testing thermal stability, a traction machine for testing mechanical behaviour, a machine for finding out the Vicat level of the PVC range, useful for carrying out Pull-out tests on the whole range, internal pressure testing stations at both 20ºC and 95ºC, plastometer, precision scale, etc...

It also has the equipment necessary for calibrating the pressure, temperature and mass instruments, subsequently ensuring consistency in the measurements as required by the certified quality system.


In accordance with the European Commission's overall sustainability objectives, specifically for the piping sector, a series of ambitious agreements have been established with the aim of improving the sustainability of our processes, qualities and solutions, as well as reducing energy consumption during manufacturing.

We can therefore say that the plastic piping manufacturing industry is leading the way in terms of the European objectives for the protection of the environment.

Nueva Terrain

The key points of our zero aggression towards the environment objective, in general terms, are:

  • PB is the optimum material in application for DHW: it is less thick and therefore its ecological footprint is smaller.
  • Own manufacturing: therefore the control and management is completely internal. The fact that we focus on national or European providers allows us to have a direct relationship with the process.
  • Ambitious objectives for the reduction of energy and water consumption and recycled use for products of lower demand.
  • Waste management: reduction, assessment and management of hazardous waste by authorised agent.
  • Manufacturing plants and commercial offices in strategic locations, as well as shared transport policies.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

Nueva Terrain has the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for its PVC drainage systems (in compliance with the UNE EN 1329 regulation) and supply of cold and hot water in PB (in compliance with the UNE EN 15876 regulation).

The reports (VITO Institute) include the following files:

  • Product Environmental Statement, with the results obtained.
  • Life Cycle Assessment of the product, where the methodology followed is explained.
  • Certification of the autonomy and reliability of the study by a third party.


There is currently no European common requirement, but the Dutch legislation is believed to be the most rigorous in terms of compliance regarding products that come into contact with drinking water.

Nueva Terrain has chosen this legislation to certify the potability of its water supply system in construction.

Polybutylene (PB) is a material with excellent organoleptic qualities, highlighting that no additive is added during its transformation.

Quality certificates

PVC Range

Fittings PVC-U - AENOR

Piping PVC-U - AENOR




Polybutylene Range

PB mechanical or socket fusion joint fittings- AENOR

PB mechanical joint fittings- Certif

PB Piping - KIWA

PB Mechanical joint fittings - KOMO

PB mechanical or socket fusion joint systems - AENOR

PB Systems - Certif

PB mechanical joint fittings - KIWA

PB mechanical joint systems - KOMO

PB Piping - AENOR

PB systems, fittings and pipes - DNV-GL

PB mechanical joint systems - KIWA

PB electrofusion joint systems - AENOR


PB multilayer piping - KIWA

PB electrofusion joint fittings - AENOR

PB mechanical or socket fusion joint fittings - ICONTEC

PB mechanical multilayer joint systems - KIWA

PB Piping - Certif

PB mechanical or socket fusion joint systems - ICONTEC

PB Piping - KOMO