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NT has an integrated production system, developing and manufacturing nearly all the products commercialised, as well as the production and maintenance of moulds for the different fittings and the installation and maintenance of the machinery, being able to improve them. NT uses third parties as a resource for finished products in very few items. The most sophisticated items produced by third parties have been designed indoor and its production is made under exclusivity basis and the patent of NT.
Activities of R+D and Quality Control are based closed to the Headquarters in Vitoria, counting with a proper laboratory and technical installation to make quality tests. This department is always joined to the Moulding factory, being responsible for developing and maintenance of the productions moulds. This fact lets NT being in continuous movement towards innovation and be able to offer new products to the market when it is needed. Year after year, the moulding factory takes care of developing new products or improving the technical characteristics of the existing ones.

NUEVA TERRAIN S.L. ::::: POL. IND JUNDIZ C/ PADULETA Nº 2 01015 VITORIA-GASTEIZ - ALAVA (ESPAÑA). ::::: Tel. 945 14 11 88 - Fax. 945 14 33 36