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All the NUEVA TERRAIN products are outstanding in their design, quality, efficiency and long-lasting guarantee, that are greater than those of any other similar product on the market. The main family of NUEVA TERRAIN products are the PB systems, although the PVC products have historically been the main product provided by the Company. The full offer of PVC products makes NUEVA TERRAIN have a much higher demand for accessories, as in many cases it is the sole manufacturer of such pieces.
The commercial network of NUEVA TERRAIN is comprised of 20 own delegations, in addition to distributors. The delegations perform local sales to end users and carry out commercial and marketing activities. Each one of them has a warehouse that allows expeditious, flexible satisfaction of the demand. Apart from marketing the products, NUEVA TERRAIN offers prescribers technical services and installation design. This service is at no additional cost.

In 2005, NT decided to commence expansion on the international markets. NT hired the [Export Manager] Georg Fisher, with the commission to establish long term relations and focus on markets where thermo-plastics are not present (Eastern European Countries, Russia and the Ukraine, above all) or those where the degree of growth and immaturity of the market justify the effort to educate the customer base (Middle Eastern countries).
NUEVA TERRAIN S.L. ::::: POL. IND JUNDIZ C/ PADULETA Nº 2 01015 VITORIA-GASTEIZ - ALAVA (ESPAÑA). ::::: Tel. 945 14 11 88 - Fax. 945 14 33 36