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What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that normally contain letters and numbers and are downloaded to a device every time users access a website. They are used extensively in order to ensure that websites operate more efficiently. Cookies are created every time the user's Internet explorer loads a specific website. The website sends information to the explorer, which creates a text file. Every time the user returns to the same website, the explorer recovers the file and sends it to the website server. Cookies have several functions, including, among others, gathering information about the preferences of users and remembering these, using the shopping cart and, in general, making it easier for the user to surf the website. We use cookies to carry out certain functions, including:

How to avoid using cookies

You can avoid using cookies by modifying the way your Internet explorer is set up. If you accept the use of cookies but wish to activate this option later, you can eliminate the established cookies and modify the configuration of your explorer in order to block them in the future. If you wish to obtain more information about controlling cookies, please visit
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